ADR Services in Monterey

Central Coast Resolutions, LLC is here to help you engage with conflict positively and productively, with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services that are intended to help parties avoid highly contentious, expensive, and emotionally exhausting litigation.

Our ADR Services include:

Mediation – Mediation can be utilized by parties seeking to resolve their disputes without legal intervention. However, mediation can also be very helpful during litigation and even after a judgement has been rendered.

Conflict Coaching – Conflict coaching focuses on helping individuals and organizations to engage with conflict more positively by learning about how their own responses affect outcomes.

Ombuds Services – Central Coast Resolutions is promoting its services to businesses and institutions in the Monterey Bay area to reduce conflict and enhance constructive communication within the organization.

Why mediation?

  • Mediated agreements tend to be enforced more successfully than a judgement because both parties have crafted it together.
  • When parties work together in Mediation to resolve their disputes they are better able to preserve important relationships that are necessary to conduct business and maintain peace in the workplace, community, and in the family.
  • It is less expensive than litigation…mediated sessions usually only require hours to arrive at a conclusion, compared to days, weeks, months, and even years with litigation.
  • Mediation is less contentious than litigation…parties work together to find mutually agreeable solutions to their disputes rather than taking adversarial positions and pushing winner-take-all strategies.
  • Parties that are unable to craft a solution together know, at the least, where they stand with each other, and that other, more traditional, forms of dispute resolution may actually be necessary.


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