Service & Fees

Affordable Mediation

The goal of Central Coast Resolutions, LLC (CCR) is to provide quality and affordable mediation services to parties seeking to resolve their disputes as painlessly as possible.  We do not charge for pre-mediation file reviews, for standard administrative tasks, or for post-mediation follow-up calls.

In the event that mediated sessions are held off-site, CCR mediators are entitled to reimbursement for full mileage, personal expenses, and parking. We will negotiate on a case-by-case basis on compensation for extraordinarily long travel time. 

Please call for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation at 831-272-4596.

Community-style Mediation (Interpersonal/Neighbor/Roommate disputes with no monetary claim & focusing on maintaining relationships):

$50 per hour per party.

Non-Litigation Disputes with under $10,000 at issue:

$100 per party per hour.

Non-Litigation Landlord/Tenant Security Deposit Mediation (Only the amount of the Security Deposit at issue):

$65 per party per hour for the first 2 hours. Excess time will be billed at $100 per             party per hour.

Disputes over $10,000 or disputes filed in California Superior Court or Federal Court:

$125 per party per hour. 

Business and Workplace Mediation and Conflict Management Coaching:

$200 per hour